What Makes the Best CBD Subscription Box for Women?

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The Best CBD Subscription Box for Women
1. Supports her needs, lifestyle choice, and preferences
2. Has a consistent spawn of high-caliber products
3. Lets a woman explore the world of CBD
4. Has good price/deals
5. Offers a seamless shipping experience
6. Gains accolades/good online reviews
The Wrap

*The featured CBD companies/products were independently chosen by our editorial team under determinants of best price, high bioavailability, features, brand reputation, and overall online impressions.

Apparently, Spotify isn’t the only remarkable product subscription out there.

Possibly a genius spin on “subscription,” signing up for a stash of CBD products on a monthly basis is a new yet surprisingly convenient way of exploring available products in the CBD market. 

Although a rookie in the CBD retail scene, a market on CBD subscription boxes for women exists. Based on CBD trends, at 59%, women dominate the number of CBD users in the U.S.

Meanwhile, the average age of female CBD users in the U.S. is “20 to 39 – they made up 71 percent of users.” Additionally, McKinsey Analysis reports that 60% of product box subscribers are women. 

With that said, what’s the anatomy of the best CBD subscription box for women? Let’s take a look. 

The Best CBD Subscription Box for Women:

1. Supports her needs, lifestyle choice, and preferences

Arguably an important feature, a woman-centric CBD subscription box should be specially curated to fit “HER.” 

CBD subscription companies like Hemp Crate Co and Cure Crate put extra effort into their bespoke services by quizzing customers about personal tastes and needs.

Having said that, here are some of the best CBD subscription boxes for women under specific lifestyle categories. 

Hemp Crate Co: The Health and Wellness Pro Subscription Box

Our choice for health and wellness, as well as the best choice overall, is Hemp Crate Co and their excellent Health and Wellness Pro Subscription Box

The box has a good mix of quality topical CBD products specially made for women. Expect a galore of CBD lotions, face masks, bath bombs, and more in every box. It may also include some of the following products:

1. Pachama Body lotion – an ultra-nourishing THC-free CBD lotion with a soothing blend of botanical oils.

2. CBDMD Bath Bombs – 100mg of USA Grade-A premium CBD in fan-favorite scents of Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Frankincense.

3. Populum Lavender Face Oil – combining the power of CBD and lavender to create the perfect evening skincare.

4. Hippie Hemp Lip Balms – leave your lips moisturized and soft for hours with this organic lip balm made of hemp seed oil. 

Next on our list is Foria, who took it upon themselves to create the purest, responsibly-grown hemp found in the USA and turn it into CBD products for your wellness and intimacy needs. Their intimacy bundles can include intimacy suppositories, oils, lubricants, and more.
Cure Crate

From the CBD curious to the CBD connoisseur, Cure Crate stays true to its brand by offering subscription boxes curated for your personal needs the same way a workout is personalized for your body. 

The longer you subscribe, the more personalized their box gets as they provide a survey every month, intending to get to know you and your needs better.

Birch Box

Birch Box’s subscription process starts with a beauty profile that aims to understand your skin, hair, and personal style. Then, you get sample sizes of CBD face masks, massage oils, lip balms, beauty serums, and more – with every box personalized according to your beauty profile. 

Samples are attached with key information, detailing how to use them, and what they’re great for. This small but impactful detail makes a difference in helping you pick out favorite brands and items that you’ll eventually want to order at full size.


Ready for a spa-like experience at the comfort of your own home? MyJane’s subscription boxes, especially their SheSurvival Box, combine high-quality hemp CBD-based products with humor. 

Every box comes with a great mix of CBD products such as a Kush Queen relax CBD bath bomb, Cannafloria inhalation pouch, MyJane satin sleep mask, Mantra Mask, and more with a humor set from Adrienne Hedger.

True to being “created by women for women,” each box includes a Purpose Jewelry handcrafted by a survivor of human trafficking from International Sanctuary.


Head above shoulders with the sheer amount of products to choose from is NatureBox. It offers a membership subscription that comes with a range of discounts on every order with free shipping in the continental U.S. on all orders $40 or more.

Curate your monthly box of goodies by adding items into your cart and choosing from a schedule of auto-shipments. There’s always a snack for every craving a woman gets.

Green Girl CBD

No specific theme in mind? We got you, girl. If you want every bit of CBD product available, Green Girl CBD is perfect for you.

Green Girl CBD offers only three subscription boxes with a small product line. They offer consistent great products: CBD oil, gummies, body balm, and lip balm. They also offer a bit more flexibility as you can have your choice of flavor while also upsizing or downsizing each product contained in your box at any time.

2. Has a consistent spawn of high-caliber products

While it’s important for CBD subscription products to cater to every woman’s needs, nothing says quality and service better than the consistent offering of high-caliber products in one box.

Make sure you’re getting the best possible collection of quality CBD products by doing a background check. Here’s a CBD purchasing guide for your information. 

Check out the readings on some of the best brands of 2021 for each common method of consumption:

3. Lets a woman explore the world of CBD

CBD has many products that only keep on growing as more companies develop newer and better ways of serving people. 

Even if a box is adhering to a specific theme, it would be a pleasant surprise to find a well-rounded collection of CBD products in one box, brand-wise or type-wise.

4. Has good price/deals

It goes without saying that subscription boxes should never break the bank or, at the very least, should be worth every cent going to it. However, keep in mind that not everything priced low screams quality and vice versa.

5. Offers a seamless shipping experience

A great price can be broken by a bad shipping/delivery experience. So alongside great selection and pricing, subscription boxes should have consistent and seamless shipping.

You’re in good hands in a CBD subscription company that knows how to navigate their way, at least legally, through each state. Remember, states have varying protocols regarding CBD. 

6. Gains accolades/good online reviews

While a great deal on paper is excellent, accolades and customer feedback will ultimately help you decide whether a subscription box is a good deal or a bust. 

Find gold mines in Reddit or even Facebook about CBD subscription companies and their products. Expect unapologetic reviews from unpaid and, therefore, unbiased commenters. 

The Wrap

What a time to be alive where all your CBD needs can be specially designed or curated into a neat monthly box with a press of a button. 

What’s more, some of these boxes offer changing variety packs to help you discover new products at a glance without emptying your wallets. 

Now that you know what you deserve to have in a CBD subscription box, go out there girl! Discover a whole new world of CBD in a box.

“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration and are in no way intended to treat or diagnose any physical ailment or disease.

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