Best CBD For Beginners

The best CBD for beginners aren’t commonplace CBD products. They should tailor-fit the common needs and qualms of CBD virgins. 

CBD products come in various forms. Some are topically applied, taken orally, or even smoked. With myriads of products and brands out there, you can get lost in a frenzy. 

In this guide, we’ll make your life easier by unveiling the best basic CBD products for beginners out there. We also took the liberty of featuring what you, as a newbie, should look for in a CBD product.

Spotlight on CBD

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a naturally occurring compound commonly extracted from hemp, a variety of the cannabis plant. While this non-intoxicating compound’s collection of clinical research is still in infancy, CBD is quite popular.

The best CBD for beginners

Note: The featured products were independently chosen by our editorial team considering the following: best price, high bioavailability, brand reputation, transparency, third-party testing, overall online impressions, and beginner-friendly features. 

Here are some of the most basic but best CBD products for beginners in every product form imaginable.

Oils and tinctures:

  1. Lazarus Naturals CBD Oil Tincture
  • CBD type: Full-spectrum
  • Potency: 50 mg per 1-mL serving

Why we love it for beginners:

Lazarus Naturals CBD Oil Tincture is reasonably priced, which is perfect if you’re still on the “testing out” stage. Plus, these tinctures come in several different strengths.

Mostly used before bedtime, the product comes with a dropper for controlled dosage administration. This is handy for beginners who want to make sure they’re starting low. The use of droppers also gives beginners the chance to be flexible on their dosage. 

  1. Redeem Therapeutics- 750mg Mint Spray Tincture
  • CBD type: Full-spectrum CBD oil made from USDA Certified Organic Hemp
  • Potency: 750mg of hemp-based CBD per bottle

Why we love it for beginners:

You won’t need to fuzz on graduated cylinders to measure out dosages because it conveniently comes in a spray bottle that promotes consistent sublingual delivery in every single spray. 


  1. Tranquility Teas – 5 Pack (4 flavors)
  • CBD type: Broad-spectrum
  • Potency: 50mg of high-grade industrial hemp-derived CBD per serving

Why we love it for beginners:

Tranquility Teas has tea bags as holders for their high-grade industrial hemp-derived CBD. The potency comes in a uniform dose of 50mg for each bag. 

The preparation is quite simple. You’re just literally making tea. Additionally, there’s something about the whole tea preparation that makes the experience somewhat zen-like. 

  1. CBD Cotton Candy – 80MG Isolate
  • CBD type: Isolate
  • Potency: 80mg per pack

Why we love it for beginners:

Aside for its sense of innovation, Flossie’s CBD cotton candy gives one of the nicest impressions ever. Unlike other CBD edibles, it doesn’t have that bitter aftertaste. 

It’s so sweet. You won’t even notice you’re taking CBD, not until you look at the package. 


  1. Lazarus Naturals – CBD Balm – 400MG (Multiple Scents)
  • CBD type: Full-spectrum
  • Potency: 1/2 teaspoon contains 50mg of CBD

Why we love it for beginners:

If you’re still iffy about taking CBD orally, topical solutions like balms are a great product to start with.

What to look for in the best beginner-friendly CBD products/brands?

While CBD brands don’t always make a distinction between products for newbies and veterans, that does not mean you can’t identify what’s good for you as a first-timer. 

Aside from non-negotiable features such as efficacy, affordability, high bioavailability, brand reputation, transparency, third-party testing, and more, here’s what you need to look for in every CBD product category. 

  • Convenience

As a first-time user, you’re all about simplicity. You would want to deal with a user-friendly product that doesn’t have complicated contraptions and is, in general, easy to deal with.  

Take this as an example: Dosing CBD oil with a dropper is more accurate and easy than smoking a high-CBD strain using a bong or rolled joint.

  • Low CBD concentration

As a beginner, it makes sense to choose products with low CBD concentration. That way, there is little chance of messing up dosages. Take baby steps to find your ‘sweet spot’ as it is different individual to individual.

Although some may prefer high-strength CBD products, CBD concentration choices are highly dependent on “current needs.” 

  • Brands with a great and responsive online customer service

Since talking to budtenders is out of the question, at the moment, beginner-friendly brands should have, at least, responsive online customer service. You can chat with us anytime on our website or drop us an email at

  • Includes instructions in or on the packaging

More than anything, a brand’s top priority should be its customers’ safety and health. This effort would be quite evident in their inclusion of a guideline regarding dosage, side effects, and essential information on using the product.  

Either printed on the box or a small pamphlet, the guide should, at least, be comprehensive yet easy-to-understand. 

Note: You might also want to check CBD For Beginners: Everything You Need to Know For Your First Time! to get a full grasp of the CBD consumer experience. 

The Wrap

We recommended some of the best CBD for beginners here, but the final choice still comes down to your preference and need as an individual. 

Still undecided on what to buy? You might want to try a monthly subscription to Hemp Crate Co.’s curated boxes of mixed CBD products for first-timers. 

For the more experimental type, Hempa the Explorer – Starter is the way to go. Find delight in one box consisting of all sorts of CBD products, ranging from cotton candy and CBD bath bombs. 
If you’re all about opportunities to boost your health, you might want to check out the Health & Wellness – Starter, which consists of delicious-flavored tinctures, capsules, edibles, and more.

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