The Hempy Awards: Best CBD Products of 2021

by Hemp Crate Co

We are back and better than ever! Coming in hotttttt with the 2nd annual Hempy Awards!

As a refresher, we created the Hempy Awards last year to award the best CBD brands and products the market has to offer. In being a subscription box service we are lucky enough to come across some amazing items that we personally test. If everything checks out and we think the products would have mass appeal we eventually put them in our monthly boxes for our subscribers. Like they say, the cream rises to the top. Through reviews, surveys, and customer conversations we assimilate enough feedback to determine the winners each year.

This article is what we’ve determined are the best products the CBD market has to offer this year! We looked into categories such as best tinctures, best CBD flower farms and best capsules (new this year). We also have a new favorite category… most innovative CBD product.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration and are in no way intended to treat or diagnose any physical ailment or disease. 

Without further ado, let’s get into this year’s deserving winners!

HEMPY for Best CBD Tinctures

Winner: DAO ZEN CBD Tincture (500MG) $74.99

In the last year, we have sent out over a thousand of these tinctures in our subscription boxes and bundles. which come in both mint and lemon flavors. Our customers just love their experiences with these full spectrum tinctures. What we love: the smooth velvety taste. Just 30-60 seconds under the tongue and you’ll be in heaven. We also love that Dao Zen puts all their tinctures in black carrying bags. Think Crown Jewel bag but much less creepy.

Runner-up: ROYAL AND PURE TINCTURE – AM (1000MG) $99.99

A new comer to our boxes in the past few months, Royal & Pure delivers a full spectrum AM tincture that is infused with B12. With each 1ML serving you get 36MG of CBD and 48MCD of B12. Royal & Pure also offers a PM version.

What we love: the perfect tincture to start the morning! There are not many infused tinctures that focus on the early morning routine. Two thumbs up for Royal & Pure.

HEMPY for Best CBD Beverage


When you are great, you are great! A partner from virtually the origins of Hemp Crate Co, Tranquility Tea Co. delivers the best teas on the market at affordable prices.

This husband-wife team out of Oregon grabs their 2nd straight Hempy in the Best Beverage category.

What we love: the simplicity of these teas. Just steep in boiling water and you will consuming a beverage in 5-10 minutes. Available in multiple flavors, Columbia Chai being a personal favorite of ours.


As Spring approaches we are reminded of just how perfect and refreshing Sprig’s CBD infused beverages are for the season.

Available in both Melon and Citrus Soda sugar free flavors. These tall, skinny cans are a fun way to get your CBD intake.

What we love: the pop of the top followed by the fizzy bubbles. Perfect with any meal or just as a stand alone drink. We recommend taking these out on your next picnic or camping trip.

HEMPY for Best Value CBD Product

WINNER: LAZARUS NATURALS TinctureS (1200-6000mg) $37.99-$119.99

Lazarus Naturals has some of the highest quality and best value CBD products around.

Mid last year, Lazarus released new tincture strengths (1200/2400/3000/6000mg) and again lowered their already industry-leading cost.

The new cost averages about $.03/mg which is well below the industry average of $.10/mg. You can get even better value by increasing your milligram size by getting products like this 6000mg tincture.

Ingredients: Organic Hempseed Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Hemp Extract.

What we love: the consistent focus Lazarus places on providing affordable CBD products with their prices and discount programs

Runner Up: CBDMD 100MG Bath bombs (single/6 PacK) $7.99-$39.99

When it comes to bath bombs, CBDMD simply has the best product on the market for the price. A lot of other CBD bath bombs can cost up to $15 per unit and only contain 20 to 50mg of CBD!

What we love: the value vs. the competition. CBDMD delivers six wonderful smelling scents that contain 100mg of CBD per bath bomb. Pro tip: going with the 6 pack lowers the price of each bomb by a buck.

HEMPY for Best CBD Flower Farm/Curator

WINNER: Botany Farms

Botany Farms is a craft flower provider that truly cares about giving users a wonderful experience from their packaging all the way down to the finish on their flower. “We’re farmers, earth lovers, and quality cannabis producers. We think our flower will be your new favorite, because we worked until we made it ours. Enjoy.”

What we love: the experience Botany provides. When we featured them in our box back in September, our subscribers had only good things to say.

Runner up: Jaxon

Jaxon was our first flower provider featured in our monthly box to include Moon Rocks, which our subscribers loved! It’s CBD flower rolled in wax and covered in kief, so it’s highly potent.

Jaxon is “Oregon hemp, delivered straight to your door”.

What we love: the innovations Jaxon is taking in the flower world. From their flower, to their pre-rolls to their moon rocks, they’re always push the limits of the products that are available.

Please note, both of these brands have been featured in Hemp Crate Co.’s premium CBD Flower Subscription box which you can find here.

HEMPY for Best CBD Edible

WINNER: Flossie’s natural state cotton candy (80MG CBD) $6.99

We hear you loud and clear — y’all just love the CBD cotton candy! We have had some customers buy 20 units per order and often temporarily stock out of the product. This birthday cake flavored cotton candy has 80MG of CBD per package.

What we love: just like the cotton candy you grew up on this stuff melts in your mouth. The flavor is on point (total Guy Fieri moment there) and the CBD ‘hempy’ taste that is common in other edibles is masked perfectly. Sweet treat that delivers each time.

RUNNER UP: MARIJUaNUTS cajun peanuts (200mg) $9.99

We were first introduced to Marijuanuts back in the May 2020 box. Since then, these cajun flavored CBD infused peanuts have been included in many other monthly boxes and store purchases. Another product where the creator did a great job of masking the CBD taste.

What we love: the way the product holds its natural nut flavor. Also, the convenience of the product in on-the-go packaging.

HEMPY for Best CBD Capsule/Tablet

Winner: CRAPPY’S FEEL BETTER chill out tablets (25 tablets per bottle) $35.00

Crappy’s Feel Better makes innovative products that just leave you wanting more! These Chill Out tablets are perfect for the times when it feels like things are just crazy (AKA 2020 & 2021). Just pop a chewable tablet and kick your feet up as you will be relaxing momentarily

What we love: these tablets blend CBD, CBN, CBG and other cannabinoids for the ever-desired entourage effect.

HEMPY for Most Innovative Product


A new category this year! Muddy Boots was a box sponsor in December 2020. They featured their handmade soap and this fan favorite CBD massage candle. This innovative 3-in-1 product serves as a candle, a body butter, and a massage oil. How cool is that? This beauty also packs 1,000mg of CBD making it a powerful topic.

What we love: aside from the diversity of the product we really enjoyed the smell of these candles!

RUNNER UP: XERo picks cbd toothpicks – Various options and prices

Coming in a close second place is Xero Picks. We admit CBD infused toothpicks sounded far-fetched. But when we received our samples we knew this innovative product was the real deal. The flavors are long lasting and if you follow the directions you get a layered experience.

What we love: the newly created way to get one’s daily CBD intake. This brand created ‘chewing’ as a new method to get your CBD. What a time to be alive!

We hope you enjoyed The 2021 Hempy Awards! Hemp Crate Co. has partnered, or is partnering actively, with all of the featured brands in our monthly subscription boxes.

Hemp Crate Co. is the leading destination for affordable CBD products whether you’re just trying it out for the first time or whether you’re an experienced subscriber. We would love to hear your feedback on your favorite products. If you’re a brand and interested in partnering with us so you can have your products win a Hempy in 2020, make sure to check out how you can participate in our box sponsorship program right here.

Additionally, these statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration and are in no way intended to treat or diagnose any physical ailment or disease.

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