CBD Gift Bundles For Everyone on Your List

The month of December is always the most chaotic time of the year. As we’re all frantically searching to find the perfect gifts for everyone on our lists, time is rarely on our side! If you ask us, CBD is the answer to just about everything. And when it comes to gifting, CBD never fails to be an exciting gift to open. Not to mention, it ends up being the most useful gift they receive all year!

There’s nothing quite like opening a gift that you’d actually put to use, especially one that’ll improve the quality of your life! To make your holiday shopping easier, we make CBD gifting simple. Instead of having to sift through our wide selection of products, we created three different bundles that everyone on your list would love. The best part is, you can get all of your shopping done in one place!

The THC-free Bundle

THC isn’t for everyone. That’s why we have a THC-free Bundle that you can give to anyone concerned about drug testing or simply doesn’t enjoy the effects of THC! Each product in this bundle is either CBD isolate or broad-spectrum CBD, meaning there are absolutely no traces of THC. 
In their gift, they’ll get one of everything they’ll need for the full CBD experience: a blueberry-flavored tincture, CBD gummy bears, two bath bombs, a muscle-relaxing sports cream, soothing lotion, and a moisturizing lip balm!

That being said, this bundle would benefit any athlete, fitness enthusiast, student, and especially a workaholic!

The Tasty Treats Bundle

We don’t like to play favorites, but The Tasty Treats Bundle might be the most fun gift to give or receive!

They’ll open six different yummy CBD treats: a lemon-flavored tincture, peanut butter cookies, cotton candy, honey sticks, a peanut butter protein bar, and a hemp chai tea bag. We throw in enough snacks for everyone to share during the holidays, and they’ll even have products to save for later!

This bundle is great for someone new to the world of CBD or for someone who usually uses other consumption methods, like capsules, to introduce them to a delicious way of enjoying their favorite compound. 

Whichever bundle you choose, we can guarantee that your gift will be a holiday hit. CBD covers all of the gifting criteria; thoughtful, useful, beneficial, and exciting. Like we said before, CBD is our answer to everything, especially during an incredibly stressful holiday season!

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