Which brand of CBD Hemp flower is best?

Hemp Crate Co CBD Flower Subscription Box

There are dozens and dozens of brands and products that you can try if you’re looking to find out what CBD can do for you. There are bath bombs and tinctures, gummies and dog treats and even CBD Cotton Candy! One of the most effective ways to consume CBD, however, is by smoking or vaping CBD Flower. Let’s first briefly breakdown what CBD flower is and then we’ll highlight some of our favorite brands.

First, if you’re looking for a way to try lots of different brands and strains without having to go through the effort and researching and finding what brands are offering the best deals and which strains will give you the best effect for the ailment you’re suffering from (sleep, anxiety, pain relief, etc.), you need to check out our CBD Flower Subscription Box. Each month we go out and find a new CBD farm or brand to feature that month. We then work with the farm to select 4 unique strains to feature. Each box then gets 2 grams of those four strains along with an additional rotating CBD item or two, just to keep it interesting! People are loving it so far, we only have a limited quantity each month so make sure you get yours today!

Let’s break down what makes CBD flower is and what makes it so effective. CBD flower looks and smells like “the real thing”. That is to say that it looks exactly marijuana and has many of the same smells and tastes, thanks to terpenes. Instead of being high in THC, this flower is high in CBD and other cannabinoids and contains less than 0.3% in THC, which is the legal limit. Consuming flower in this method is super effective as it goes to your lungs and then directly to your bloodstream for easy absorption. This means that you can start feeling the effects immediately whereas a gummy might take an hour or even more.

Now let’s check out some of the best CBD flower brands we’ve found in our CBD flower subscription box.

Some good lookin’ bud!

Project Hemp Flower

In a world where quality is often overlooked and there’s a lack of attention to detail, Project Hemp Flower stands in stark contrast to that trend. Their branding is beautiful and they take the time to let you know they care about you as a customer. We also love Project Hemp Flower because they support the farms they sell on their site. They don’t claim to be farmers themselves, rather they’re purveyors of high quality boutique farms around the US. They then complete the independent testing on any products they sell. What a cool and refreshing model!

Black Tie CBD

Black Tie is one of the few brands we’ve repeated in our crates because they consistently offer a wide variety of high quality strains. They’ve been able to procure unique strains such as Bleu Cheese and Chem Dawg. Additionally they also have more recently started to offer a wider variety of CBD products such as tinctures and gummies. They’ll frequently run sales so make sure you stay up to date on their social channels for the latest deals!

Happy Hemp Farmacy

Happy Hemp Farmacy is one of our favorite brands to work with both on our flower site and our main CBD Subscription Box site. They’re a vertically integrated farm based in Tennessee and regularly feature indoor strains on their shop which means they can offer higher quality and more consistent flower. Like some of our other brands featured here today, they also offer a variety of products besides flower.


Allitom brought some really awesome strains to the table when they were featured in our August boxes. They’re doing some cool things over there like a financial assistance program and featuring CBN more prominently in some of their products. CBN is another cannabinoid, similar to CBD, that has been cited as having many of the same benefits. Allitom’s main focus might be in other CBD products but we’re glad they step into the flower game every now and then!

Pally Hemp

Pally Hemp is a brand that’s specifically focused on the smokable and vapable products in the CBD world. That means they focus their product development on vape cartridges, flower, pre-rolls and rosin capsules. Rosin capsules are extracts from flower using heat and pressure. This is a unique product that we haven’t seen carried elsewhere. Their flower and packaging are on point and we love the product pictures they use for their flower.

Tweedle Farms

Tweedle is one of the original players in the CBD flower market… and for good reason! Their product is always consistently high quality and they are always coming up with new innovations. We actually launched our flower program with them last year! If you’re looking for high quality bud and a knowledgeable staff, look no further!

Botany Farms

Botany farms are one of our more recent features in the CBD Subscription Box but boy are we glad we found them! They actually included 4 grams instead of the usual 2 grams this month so our subscribers got double the fun! The team at Botany are devoted to their craft and it shows; from their packaging to the flower itself there is nothing but high-quality all around.

Are you interested in getting your flower featured? Reach out to us right here and let us know why you should be considered!

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