How CBD Dosage Varies Product to Product

We are fortunate enough to have a lot of ways to get our daily CBD intake. There are oils that can be taken sublingually, topicals which can be absorbed through the skin, edibles and beverages which can be consumed, and flower which is smoked or vaped for intake. With so many different ways to take CBD and with different measurements depending on the product (milligrams, milliliters, grams) understanding CBD dosage can be confusing if you are trying for the first time.

Figuring out the right dosage for yourself will depend on several things, including your weight, metabolism, genetics, and general health. Although we can’t recommend a specific CBD dosage for any individual we can help describe the way products are measured so you can figure out the right dosage for you to hit your ‘sweet spot.’

If you’re looking for more information on CBD dosages and other information on CBD, check out our CBD 101 page.


First, oil tinctures are all measured in the size of the bottle. The most common bottle is a 30ML tincture which equates to one (1) liquid ounce. The dropper standard size is 1ML so you would get 30 ‘uses’ out of a 30ML tincture if the dropper was full. You can certainly take a 50% full or even a 25% full dropper when first starting out. You can back into the math of your dosage if you know how strong your tincture is which is measured in milligrams (MG). Common strengths are 500MG, 1000MG, and 1500MG. However, some higher dosage tinctures are 3,000MG and 6,000MG.

This helpful dosage chart can be a good starting point in figuring out how much CBD you are getting with your dropper:



Lotions, creams, balms, serums and other skin products are measured in milligrams. The bioavailability of these products is lower so you can use a good amount of application. A lot of the topicals have other key ingredients in them that are nourishing for your skin so just be sure to read your label to understand all the ingredients.

We are loving this Face Serum by Populum which has lavender added as one of the active ingredients. It comes in a 30ML bottle and has 250MG of CBD.


Edibles & Beverages

There are so many wonderful options when it comes to CBD edibles. Most popular items are gummies, suckers, chocolate bars, cotton candy, and cookies. Yum! Most of these items are measured in milligrams. Dosages typically have a wide range from 5MG-100MG. When it comes to edibles check the packaging as it will normally tell you the total amount of CBD per package and per item.

We have always been big fans of Dr. Norm’s. Their products are delicious and they do a great job in explaining your dosage. It is one of their main marketing points: “Know Your Dosage”


On the beverages side, dosage is also measured in milligrams. These fan-favorite Sprig drinks offer 20MG per 12 fluid ounce can. If you drink half the can, then you obviously get half the dosage, 10MG in this case.



A growing piece of the CBD universe is the product in its purest form: CBD flower. First, a little education…farmers plant specific strains each Spring and then later in the year harvest and trim the flower. This flower can be purchased online or in dispensaries. It is still below the Federally Legal limit of <0.3%THC. It looks and smells like marijuana, but is engineered to have much higher amounts of CBD and other cannabinoids and much lower THC.

This can be the trickiest of all CBD products to figure out your dosage, however. These flowers are measured in dry weight grams. We suggest starting slow with smoking/vaping 0.25MG or less. Checking the 3rd party lab tests can also tell you a lot about your flower’s chemical make-up and density strength.


The Wrap

Hopefully, this article provided you with a little more background in how CBD strength is measured in each type of product. It definitely varies product to product so be sure you are reading all of your labels to ensure you are getting exactly the amount desired. Everyone truly is different so your dosage will be specific to you. It may take some time, but you will know when you find your ‘sweet spot.’

Even though it is literally impossible to overdose on CBD, at Hemp Crate Co. we do suggest starting out slow and building up till you find your tolerance level.  We can’t offer specific dosage information for individuals but we can certainly always help if you have any product specific questions. Feel free to email us at any time!

-Hemp Crate Co

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