TV personality turns to growing his own hemp to treat daughter with rare disease

Anthony Sullivan, the pitchman who could burn a product into your brain with his over-the-top infomercials, has purchased 116 acres of farmland and branded it as Mont Kush. His purpose with this new venture? He wants to be able to produce hemp-derived CBD products for his daughter who has a very rare genetic disorder that has impacted her neurological development.

Anthony’s 8-year-old daughter, Devon, had been on many medications throughout her young life. And though she had success with some of these medications they would often lead to brutal side effects such as exhaustion, weight loss, and dizziness. Once a medication seemed to have helped Devon with a matter another issue would pop up that required another medication, and then another…

Anthony decided he didn’t want his daughter to be over-medicated her entire life and that is where things were unfortunately headed. However, he didn’t know where to turn as he felt he was running out of options. It was Devon’s mother who suggested they try cannabis to help treat her symptoms which at the time included seizures. Anthony, like many other Americans, was hesitant at first. When you hear the words ‘use cannabis-derived products to treat your child’ it can take a little bit of time before people are comfortable with it. Anthony eventually decided that he was willing to try anything instead of the doctor prescribed anti-seizure medications that was wreaking havoc on his daughter’s life.

Sullivan soon started to treat his daughter with CBD and soon her seizures were under control. A couple of months of treatment with strictly CBD products Devon’s weight and personality had returned. You’ll remember from previous blogs that the only CBD medication that has been certified for usage by the Food & Drug Administration is Epidiolex, which treats two childhood epilepsy conditions.

Around the same time he started treating his daughter with CBD, Anthony visited a friend who owned a hemp farm. Again, Anthony originally thought nothing of it, but then he started thinking of the possibilities.

“I got out of the truck, and it just hit me. I don’t know what happened. I had a moment of clarity, or an epiphany, standing in the middle of this field,” Sullivan recalls. “It’s tranquil, peaceful, magical. All of a sudden you walk into these fields, and as far as you can see is a sea of hemp. And it smells amazing, and you start thinking about wellness, what this plant can do from a wellness perspective.”

Anthony Sullivan

Anthony purchased that hemp farm as he saw it as the calling for the next chapter his life. He had no experience in farming, but was passionate from seeing the positive effects CBD had on his daughter. He wanted to be able to self-treat his daughter and be able to say “here is your medicine and Daddy made it.” He is now working the first harvest from his hemp field. He hopes to be able to help Devon and many others.

– Hemp Crate Co

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