25 Reasons Life is Still Great

As we get ready to enter out sixth month of business we wanted to take some time out and talk about the meaning of our slogan – life is still great. You may have seen this on our websites, on your order confirmations, or even on our marketing material, such as our stickers. So what does it mean?

Well, glad you asked. Have you been on Twitter lately? Have you watched the nightly news? Have you witnessed the incessant political cross-fighting? Yeah, we have, too. And it is exhausting. There is enough coverage of everything bad in this world. We instead choose to focus on things that still make life great. We frequently refer to these as life enhancers. The key in life is to find as many life enhancers as possible. As humans we will have variable opinions of what constitutes as a life enhancer. Things such as access, opportunity, luck, attitude and desire are highly variable across our populous. Regardless, every human has the opportunity to enhance their life on some level. You can always choose your attitude.

We wanted to provide a quick list of things we think make life still great! Hopefully, you can find just 1-2 that may catch your interest. If so, please share your new found loves with your family and friends. You can make an impact on others. Even if you disagree with this entire list, take the time to make your own list. Then, look at that list. Memorize that list. Focus on filling up your days and weeks with as many life enhancers as possible. See how happy this makes you.

Life Enhancers – 25 reasons life is still great

  1. Release Radar every Friday on Spotify. Don’t take for granted you can now listen to nearly every song ever across multiple platforms. Spotify gets our nod as the absolute best.
  2. Find a new recipe and cook the meal with your family or friends. Cooking is better when it is communal.
  3. Binge a just released series on Netflix or Amazon.
  4. Don’t just stop and smell the flowers, but stop and watch the leaves changing, as well. Nature is beautiful and mostly free.
  5. Find an employer that values work-life balance. As far as we know, we get one shot at this thing called life. Work to live, don’t live to work.
  6. Swim and grill out on a hot Summer’s day. Pure Americana.
  7. Find a hammock. Now lay in it for a couple of hours.
  8. It can be hard to do, but try and skip a week of laundry. It is a game changer.
  9. Embrace the perfect season: Fall. Hoodies, camping, foliage changes, football, chili, and not-too-hot but not-too-cold weather. It is the Goldilocks & the Three Bears ‘just right’ of all the seasons.
  10. Get lost on a Youtube or Google wormhole at least once a month. I did this the other day. I saw Martin Short on television and remembered how funny Primetime with Jiminy Glick was. It led to 30 minutes straight of belly laughs.
  11. Rent, Don’t Buy Fun. Unless you are sure you are going to use that boat a lot or go skiing multiple times a year it is generally better to rent fun.
  12. Have Taco Tuesday and Taco Wednesday and Taco Weekend. There is never a wrong time for tacos.
  13. Write someone an encouraging letter. Not a text, not an email, an actual letter (quill pen optional). Everyone is going through something and you taking the time to write a personal letter will really have an impact on that individual. It will make you feel better too.
  14. Go see live comedy. Laughing is so, so important.
  15. Always have something to look forward to. Fill your calendar with these dates. Monday can be a lot easier if you know you’re going camping on Friday!
  16. If you can afford it, try out a subscription service. I personally subscribe to Wohven, Kiwi Co, and Bark Box. Again, it gives you something to look forward to each month. There just has to be a relation of subscriptions to seratonin (happy chemical your brain releases). I also know of a cool CBD subscription service.
  17. Never, ever eat at a chain restaurant when you are on vacation. Yes, I am looking at you Red Lobster in Times Square. Live a little; try something original to the city you are visiting.
  18. Give back to your community in a meaningful way. Your time is often worth more than any monetary donation.
  19. Have a pet. Their love is unconditional. Getting home after work and seeing my golden doodle ready to lick my face off is a staple that has made my life better.
  20. Search for information in life, not affirmation. Do you. Always.
  21. Read a book. Yeah, they are still a thing in 2019. Get lost in good writing.
  22. Get to know your neighbors. We are as closed off as ever with our cell phones and tight-knit circles. You never know when you may need your neighbor and vice versa (if they are total creeps just skip to #23).
  23. Always try to be evolving, even if just one area of your life at a time. Life is not meant to be stagnant. As humans we are supposed to grow. Set standards and then goals. In that order.
  24. Let yourself be moved. Whatever medium or moments that may be, just give in and let go.
  25. Spread love not hate. We have enough of the latter. Always side with inclusion. In the end, you are not better than anyone and no one is better than you. We are in this together. Let’s build each other up instead of breaking each other down.

I appreciate you taking the team to read this piece. Now make your list!


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