Who is Interested in CBD?

A new Gallup Poll out states that 64% of Americans are familiar with CBD. However, when you break that number down it doesn’t show ‘full awareness.’ In that same 64%, only 14% claim to very familiar, another 33% are somewhat familiar, and 17% are not too familiar. That leaves 36% of Americans that claim no familiarity at all. These numbers are actually higher than we thought they would be at this time. We receive product inquiries from first time customers quite frequently. We love helping recommend the right products or subscription box, but it does show the CBD-era is still in its infancy. Let’s take a closer look at how these numbers break down by demographic:

These results are also not too surprising. You typically find more awareness the younger the demographic. Our customer base falls mostly in the first two buckets (18 to 29 & 30 to 49) and typically these individuals are more curious. However, we definitely have a steady customer base 50+ that is usually looking for products to help with sleep, pain management and/or anxiety.

Those Aware of CBD Realize the Benefits

This next section of the Gallup poll is the one that we found the most interesting. The same 64% that were bucketed into ‘CBD Aware’ were then asked to rate whether CBD has a lot of benefits, some benefits, only a few health benefits, no health benefits or no opinion on the matter.

What we see here is those between ages 18-29 believe mostly heavily that CBD has a lot of benefits or some benefits – 82%. The older the demographic, the more they lean towards CBD having some benefits vs. a lot of benefits. This is interesting because we just looked at how the most CBD familiar group was also 18-29. So the more familiar one is with the products the more understanding he/she will have about expected benefits. The great thing is ALL age groups predominantly believed CBD has a lot of benefits or some benefits (the lowest was a combined 74% by the 65+ age group).

Hemp Crate Take

First, we just love seeing studies and polls like this. It brings more attention to CBD and really moves the conversation forward. The more people research and learn about CBD the more aware they become. We would be disappointed if most of the age groups thought CBD had little to no benefits, but that was not the case at all. A majority of every demographic that is familiar with CBD sees the benefits of the cannabinoid, yet there is still a lot of awareness that needs to take place. More medical research is needed to back up the claims others have made about CBD. However, the fact that nearly two-thirds believe it has beneficial medicinal value without those studies is both remarkable and reassuring. The market will only continue to grow as access, along with information, becomes more available across the country. As we have continued to say, we are just in the beginning phases of America’s understanding and appreciation of CBD. Strap in for the ride. It is going to be a fun one!

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