Levi’s has a breakthrough in hemp clothing

Not wanting to be outdone by Pantagonia, Levi Strauss & Co. has made a major innovation breakthrough with hemp clothing. In March of this year, Levi’s partnered with Outerknown, a company passionate about sustainability in all their business dealings. They created the Wellthread brand. Wellthread brought to the market clothing made from 69% cotton and 31% hemp. This in itself is not groundbreaking as hemp fibers have been included in clothing for a long time now, even prior to the recent hemp renaissance.

The breakthrough is that the apparel line feels like 100% cotton. Hemp fibers are incredibly durable but have been known to have a less luxurious feel. We wouldn’t categorize it as rough feeling, but certainly not like your favorite all-cotton, soft-as-a-blanket t-shirt. Levi’s technology takes these fibers which are typically good for making ropes and other durable goods, mixes them with cotton, and softens through a proprietary process.

Right now this collection is limited and pricey. However, Levi’s has commented that they are committed to making this a long-term play vs just a niche brand with high-end products. They want to eventually bring the prices down and make this line mainstream and affordable A medium-term play is making garments that include higher percentages of hemp with the same cotton feel. Head of Global Product Innovation, Paul Dillinger, recently commented to Business Insider an even more ambitious long-term play:

“In five years, we expect a 100% cottonized-hemp garment that is all hemp and feels all cotton.”

– Paul Dillinger

At Hemp Crate Co, we couldn’t be more excited by this news. Hemp is much more economical to farm as it takes far less water and chemicals to grow and harvest.

Don’t forget we have hemp t-shirts available in our shop. These shirts are 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. They last forever so you can feel good representing your favorite hemp and CBD company.

-Hemp Crate Co

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