How one company is changing the CBD game

Don’t worry this isn’t going to be a chest-thumping bio piece about Hemp Crate Co — though we certainly are changing the subscription game. This story is about one of the trusted brands that often finds it way into many of our crates. Maybe it is their diverse line of products, maybe it is their affordable pricing for mass appeal. Whatever the case, cbdMD has had a really big couple of weeks.

One of the hardest thing in the CBD industry is establishing a following and brand identity. There are a slew of products on the market and a lot of them are honestly not worthy of your time or money. However, cbdMD by focusing on quality and affordability gained a mass following. They use C02 broad-spectrum extraction for their products which gives a full profile of terpenes and beneficial compounds. With other extraction methods, these other cannabinoids (CBG, CBN, CBCV, etc.), terpenoids, amino acids, and essential oils are often lost in the extraction. This is why cbdMD’s products always provide the entourage effect.

Not only have customers been taking note of cbdMD, investors have been, as well. In December of last year, Level Brands purchased cbdMD for a deal said to be worth $300M over 5 years. Level Brands had a clearly defined plan and set the goal: be the first CBD company to list on NYSE. They did just that on May 1st by changing their ticker name from LEVB (Level Brands) to YCBD (cbdMD). cbdMD is trying to be THE main identifiable brand in the industry. They are focusing heavily on marketing.

On the same day (May 1st), cbdMD also announced a sponsorship deal with the 2-time PGA Masters champion, Bubba Watson. Check out the quick video about their partnership below. Bubba loves CBD — that is fun to say.

In addition to this partnership, cbdMD also announced in April a sponsorship deal with the BIG3, a popular 3-on-3 tournament of retired NBA players. This is the first sports league to openly allow CBD. We think it is safe to say that you can expect more sport sponsorships in the coming years. One can now envision a day where the NFL, NBA, and MLB will allow and even promote CBD.

From Hemp Crate Co’s inception, we have carried cbdMD’s products in our subscription boxes and e-commerce store. You can check out their insanely popular Freeze pain relief gel roll-on applicators in our store. Not to be outdone, their bath bombs are simply the best value in the market, coming in at 100MG per bomb.

It is a very exciting time right now in the CBD industry. Things will certainly look different over the next 12 to 24 months. As always, the cream will rise to the top.

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