Why is CBD everywhere?

I was driving yesterday with the family to drop off some orders from the previous day’s customer purchases. Right before we reached our local USPS center I looked over and saw a sign that read: “CBD available inside of Family Video.” I immediately thought: “Oh, Family Video went out of business and someone opened up a CBD shop.” I dropped off the packages and we headed to lunch, same way we came in. We pass the Family Video again and sure enough it is still a fully operating Family Video with…CBD. Ever inquisitive, I do a Google search and find out that the founder of Family Video wanted to share the positive effects he had experienced while experimenting with CBD when he had ‘tennis elbow.’ So now at hundreds of stores across the U.S. and Canada you can pick up a DVD (really, still a thing?) and CBD (yes, the real thing!).

This just follows a rash of stories that are continuing to ‘mainstream’ CBD:

  • In February, Willie Nelson, who may be made of hemp, announced that his company aptly named Willie’s Reserve would add a CBD product line of products. The first product hemp-infused coffee beans.
  • In March, the inventor of Jelly Belly Beans (what a hero!) announced he was doing a spin-off company, Spectrum Confections, whose product line would consist of CBD jelly beans. *insert drool emoji*
  • Also, in March CVS announced that 800 stores across eight states (including our hometown Indiana) would be carrying CBD products.
  • In April, Carl’s Jr. even tested out a CBD-infused burger. * insert barf emoji*

Okay, so maybe that last one proves we don’t need CBD EVERYwhere, but just about everywhere? Yes! At Hemp Crate Co, we see several reasons that are leading to the mass adoption of hemp-derived CBD.

  1. CBD works. It really does. Don’t believe us? Check out what our customers are saying here and here.
  2. The last two decades marijuana strains have became more and more concentrated with THC. The percentage of THC in some strains is now in the high 20’s and low 30’s compared to single digits twenty years ago. A more potent product is leading more people to have hallucinations and anxiety attacks. Individuals still want the positive effects of weed, but not with the overly ‘high’ feeling. Have you met my good friend, CBD? CBD does affect the mind, but not in an intoxicating manner, more so in a relaxing and calming manner. It promotes homeostasis throughout the body.
  3. More than ever, people are looking for homeopathic treatments vs. the traditional medicinal treatments. It seems like there is a revolution of individuals that are taking back their personal health and fighting back against big pharma companies.
  4. The opioid crisis continues to cripple communities across America, especially the Midwest. An estimated 150,000 deaths have occurred from opioid abuse the past two years. The number of individuals that have ever over-dosed from CBD is zero. You simply can’t overdose as documented in our newly posted all-inclusive educational piece, CBD 101. This aside, many people who used to be addicted to opiods are turning to CBD.
  5. CBD is easily consumed. If you prefer to take CBD orally you can use CBD tinctures or capsules. There are plenty of topical products such as lotions, rubs, salves, and moisturizers. There are pain patches, sleep sprays, gummies, the list goes on and on. Bottom line: it is available in a vast array of intake methods.
  6. People are more anxious than ever. Whether it be the political unrest flavor of the day, the constant increasing work or college expectations and pressure, the mounting debts from secondary education and medical expenses, or the social media hate spewing that we just can’t seem to avoid, the world is a far more uneasy place than it was even a decade ago. People take CBD most frequently because they are stressed or anxious. It is the great calmer.
  7. CBD is safe. As long as the products you are purchasing come from a trusted manufacturer that uses unbiased, 3rd party lab tests, you can sleep easy (literally and figuratively) while taking CBD.

Thank you for taking the time to read. Let us know if you have any CBD questions. We love talking with our customers!

— Hemp Crate Co Team

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