Patagonia Launches Expanded Hemp Clothing Line

Patagonia launched an expanded clothing line geared exclusively towards products made with industrial hemp. The news came via email newsletter to existing customers on Friday. Patagonia has had a limited number of hemp products for sale, mainly at their California based physical retail locations, for a while but this campaign is clearly coming as a result of the recent momentum coming behind the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill.

Check out this awesome short video that Patagonia released with the expanded line.

The new clothing line, which is pegged as the “Hemp Collection” is priced slightly higher than the rest of Patagonia’s existing, and already fairly expensive, clothing line. The clothing line uses a blend of industrial hemp and TENCEL® lyocell and organic cotton. Shorts, shirts, dresses, sweaters and pants in a variety of colors and styles are all on full display on their site now. As we already know, industrial hemp was previously erroneously classified as a Schedule 1 drug which set back its diverse array of commercial uses for decades. You can learn more about the History of Hemp in our CBD 101. We expect there will more companies following suit as hemp growers rush to get their crops up for this year’s harvest.

Patagonia has established itself as one of the leaders in sustainable supply chain practices. They pride themselves on making high quality materials that last a lifetime. Their founder, Yvon Chouinard, has been quoted before as even urging consumers to not buy clothes they don’t need. Even if that means buying less Patagonia clothes.

At Hemp Crate Co we’re absolutely thrilled to see more corporate momentum building for one of the many uses of the industrial hemp plant. While we’re on the subject of clothing made from industrial hemp, have you had a chance to snag yourself one of these tees yet? Made from 55% hemp.

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