CBD News & Musings Vol. 3

Hello Hemp Crate Co fam! Below you will find your weekly update of all things CBD – both within our company and in the industry. As always, let us know if you have any questions about our subscription options or store items. We can be reached at human@hempcrate.co. We love creating personal 1:1 relationships and helping you on your CBD journey.

Some Serious CBD Education

At Hemp Crate Co we take a lot of pride in education and transparency within our community. We are frequently posting blogs, answering customer questions, and developing original educational material for every single subscription box. However, a lot of this content is focused around a singular topic. Helpful in that moment, but hard to find and reference back. So we thought we would create a repository that could house all of this information. Almost, like a CBD encyclopedia (remember those?). You can find extensive information about the origins of hemp, how CBD works within your body, the different types and methods of experiencing CBD, and how to ensure you are purchasing the right products. We are calling it CBD 101 as it is meant to be a full introductory course to cannabinoids. Let us know your thoughts or if there is something else you would like to covered in this repository.

More States Passing Hemp Legislation

Everything continues to be positive on the state level of hemp legislation. Last week, we saw two states that had previously stalled bills, make major progress towards regulated and permitted industrial hemp farming. Our home state, Indiana, moved the bill though both chambers of legislature. It is expected to be signed by Governor Eric Holcomb in the coming weeks. Not to be outdone, Texas, moved their legalization bill through the House. It is expected to go to the Senate next. What is interesting is you are starting to see other states rapidly reacting as they don’t want to be left out of the ‘hemp revolution’ market. There is simply too much money to be made at the state-level. Also, the farmers of America want the option to grow hemp and are making their voices heard. States have seen the positive economic effect that industrial hemp farming has had for Kentucky, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. Those states have also already laid out the blueprint for regulation.

Interesting CBD Data from New Survey

An interesting Harris poll was just released. This wickedly cool article by Quartz did a great job with breaking down the results from the 2,000 respondents. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most compelling break-downs.

Hemp Crate Co: “These results don’t surprise us in the least. All of the top answers are what we hear most from our customers.”
Hemp Crate Co – “Wow, this really tells you all you need to know about the interest in CBD. People are searching for it more than ever.”
Hemp Crate Co: “We don’t collect age information from our customers currently, but based on the 1:1 communication we have had and our social media interactions we feel this is line with our average demographics. The 45+ demographic will be the fastest growing the next couple of years.”
Hemp Crate Co: “We have more female than male customers, but we typically see them looking for similar experiences and products.”

We are interested in hearing what got you into CBD. And if you haven’t tried CBD yet we are interested in hearing about your reservations. Please reach out to us at human@hempcrate.co. Or give us a shout on Instagram or Facebook.

-Hemp Crate Co

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