Hemp Crate Behind the Scenes #3 (Final Update Before Launch)

Hey everyone! Hope you are all having a wonderful week. Just wanted to drop one final update to email subscribers prior to launching

First, just want to thank you for being with us from jump street. For anyone that has liked an Instagram picture, shared a Facebook post, or told a friend – we appreciate you. Sincerely. Our business will be built by word of mouth so having a thriving connected community will be huge for us. It is actually fundamental to our business as Google/Facebook/Instagram have some archaic advertising policies surrounding CBD. They haven’t yet caught up to the positive advancements and legality changes in the CBD market that have occurred over the past five years. We think they get there in time, but for now we are focusing on grassroots marketing and being overly customer obsessed to our early adopters. When we launch be looking for an exclusive email subscriber only promo code to come your way to thank you for being our initial “influencers.” Keep spreading the word!

Let’s get to the updates. Here is what we have been working on the past few weeks:

  • Finished procurement for all of our initial first month boxes. We are excited to be able to offer four different boxes when we launch. This is no easy task, but we wanted to have options for you.
  • Health & Wellness Box – This box will feature items such as CBD freeze, bath bombs, creams, salves, CBD patches, daily dosage products, and of course rotating oil tinctures. This box will have two sizes: Starter & Pro
  • Edibles & Beverages – This box will have all the yummy gummies in addition to energy shots, CBD water, chocolate bars, hard candy, and CBD tea & coffees.
  • Hempa the Explorer Box – This box will be for individuals looking for a diverse frequent rotating box. You can expect a mix of items seen in Health & Welness and Edibles & Beverages. However, this will have some exclusives, as well
  • Pet Companion Box – This is the box that just love their little fur babies, but wish they would chill out occasionally (*raises own hand*). This box will feature items such as Pet CBD Oil Tinctures, Dog Treats, and CBD Catnip. We are also throwing in 2-3 items for the owner. This box will rotate, but not as frequent as the other boxes as there just aren’t a lot of quality CBD pet products, yet.
  • We have finished creating and ordering a really helpful Welcome Guide. This will be included in all of our initial boxes. It talks about the different ways to cultivate CBD, ways to take CBD, and a dosage chart. We are going to continually try and educate the community where we can so be looking for educational material in each box.
  • We have received our first batch of production boxes. We are really pleased with how they turned out. We had some fun with the boxes so if you subscribe be sure to look at all sides (and the bottom :-)).
  • We have built out the bones to our online store. Again, we want to always have options for our customers. So if you are not ready to commit to a subscription box our online store will be stocked with 25-30 items when we launch. Some of these items will be in boxes. Others will be exclusive to the store.

Here is what we have left to do:

  • Connect and test our merchant account and payment processor. This has been BY FAR the most tedious and complicated piece of building our company. It is just really tough to get with a reputable processor in this every changing CBD industry. We’ve had countless calls, emails, applications. We did receive very good news today so we are hoping to have this firmed up 100% by the end of this week. This is literally what has been holding us up on putting out a firm launch date. It is maddening, but ’twas a good learning experience!
  • After we get our payment processing squared away we will do some test orders to ensure the process is working for our customers when we launch. We will test all facets of the website, including subscription account management (subscribing, skipping, canceling), streamlining the checkout process as much as possible, and our full suite of email notifications based off of event – shipped, subscription renewing alert, canceled order, etc.
  • Finish uploading our photography. We hope to have this completed by early next week. We attempted shooting the photography ourselves (owners: Ryan & Lowell). Ummmm yeah, it was not the move. We have hired a professional photographer as we think clean, sharp images are crucial for the online shopping experience.
  • Finalize our marketing plan. We will be trying out a couple of influencers to see if there is any tangible lift in visitors to the site and conversions. We have a few other fun things up our sleeves, as well.

Hopefully, we will be able to solidify a firm launch date in the next few business days. This group will be the first to know.

Let us know if you have any questions. We love interacting. We have a dedicated account for these interactions now: human@hempcrate.co

Have a great rest of your week! Talk soon.

-Hemp Crate Co Team

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