Coming to a mall near you…CBD

In case you missed it, CNBC had an interesting article about how Green Growth Brands will be opening over 100 CBD stores at Simon Malls over the next year.

Throughout 2019, there are 108 stores planned to open across the country in this planned venture. The first such CBD shop will be open right in our backyard – the Castleton Square Mall located in beautiful Indianapolis. Green Growth Brands is also talking to other mall developers with sights on having over 300 CBD shops by the end of the year. 

Deeper Dive:

This is not a terribly surprising move for a variety of factors:

First, malls have been experiencing foot traffic declines over the past decade as the shift from retail to e-commerce intensifies. Malls are scrambling to fill vacancies left by traditional retailers. People certainly aren’t looking for more apparel brands to fill the void.

Second, people more than ever are looking for experiences at malls vs the traditional retail shopping. You now see paintball, laser tag, premium gyms, and more massage kiosks and storefronts than you can shake a stick at (not even sure what that saying means). This is no longer your father’s mall. If it was it would certainly have a Woolsworth, Montgomery Ward, and a Sears. Wait, Sears is STILL open?

Third, and we think most importantly, this continues the normalization of CBD products which, if derived from a hemp plant, are legal in all 50 states. We at Hemp Crate think the more availability of these products the better IF and only IF the quality and testing is there. The more reputable companies that get out there the more market awareness there will be (it is already growing at a feverish pace. Is it direct competition? Sure. But this is a community that looks after the best interests of the industry and genuinely is trying to help individuals. We’ve certainly learned that from the quality relationships we have made over the past several months. There will be plenty of customers for these new mall ventures, for the existing smoke and head shops, and for those trying to innovate and provide an experience for the consumer. Hint: it is us. 🙂

In conclusion, we think this is great for the CBD industry and for hemp lovers alike. More access to quality products means more people benefit and spreading word of mouth will carry the day. All love to all.

Interested in finding out more about what we are doing prior to launching in early March? Make sure you drop your name the mailing list on our main page to be entered to win one of 10 free crates when we launch. 

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